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Staying Healthy in Retirement

As we age, it’s natural for our bodies to change. As our health needs shift over time, we must consider how to approach wellness to maximize our health and longevity. 

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What is Concierge Medicine?

Choosing the right model of care is one of the most impactful decisions you can make. While looking for a physician that best fits your needs, you might have encountered the term “concierge care” or “concierge doctor.”

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8 Tips for Preventing the Flu

No one likes getting sick. Taking the proper precautions to keep yourself and your family healthy is essential.  

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Learn the Pros and Cons of Telemedicine

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine has become increasingly popular. Online doctor’s visits have become available in various healthcare fields, from therapy to family medicine. 

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Traditional Primary Care v.s. Concierge Care

How was your last visit to your primary care physician? Most Americans spend the majority of their health appointments in the waiting room before meeting with a doctor who knows their chart but little about them or their concerns. 

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What Is Continuity of Care?

Continuity of care refers to a patient receiving ongoing and comprehensive care throughout their medical journey. This idea emphasizes the consistency of doctors and healthcare systems working together to support patients despite the intricacies of the healthcare system. 

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How Air Pollution is Impacting Your Health

Whether you live in a bustling metropolitan area, a rural homestead, or a suburb somewhere in between, your health is being impacted by the quality of the air you breathe. Air quality is a major determinant of health, as polluted air has been linked to cardiovascular disease, several types of

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Didn’t Miss a Beat: How Two Concierge Physicians Volunteered in COVID Hospitals While Maintaining Their Primary Care Practices

Dr. Annette Osher and Dr. Kimberly Parks are both leading cardiologists and primary care physicians who have partnered with Castle Connolly Private Health Partners LLC (CCPHP) to offer concierge membership style programs in major metropolitan locations—but those aren’t the only things they have in

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Want a Deeper Relationship With Your Doctor? Why More Patients Are Choosing Concierge Medicine

Would it make a big difference in your life if you had to switch primary care physicians?

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Practicing During a Pandemic: Concierge Medicine Helps Doctors and Patients Cope with COVID-19

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, most physicians have been canceling or rescheduling non-urgent appointments. In fact, Dr. Deborah Birx, coronavirus response coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force, advised in mid-March, “Things that don’t need to be done over the next two weeks,

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Is Your Practice Sustainable? 4 Revealing Questions Every Doctor Should Ask Today

The COVID-19 pandemic has offered physicians many lessons—one of which centers on the viability of our typical healthcare model. The economic shutdowns and stay-at-home advisories have shown a spotlight on the fact that the traditional primary care model is largely unsustainable, especially during

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How COVID Has Shown Us We Need to Focus on Wellness—Now More than Ever

You may now just be resurfacing after weathering the first wave of COVID-19. It’s been overwhelming and stressful, to say the least—even traumatic for some.

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The Importance of Keeping Yourself, Your Patients, and Practice Healthy

Like most physicians, you might feel like you’re trying to keep your head above water; you’re in survival mode. 

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Prevent Physician Burnout and Put Heart into Your Practice

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, many doctors and other healthcare workers feel exhausted. A survey from the Mayo Clinic Proceedings Journal published in 2022 found that 62.8% of physicians reported symptoms of burnout at work.

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