As CCPHP joint venture partners, doctors experience a more efficient healthcare model, with

  • Enhanced practice revenue and lower costs

  • Stronger relationships with patients

  • Exclusive patient wellness programs and events

  • Marketing support that increases brand visibility

All while maintaining your own practice identity and autonomy.


When a practice becomes part of the CCPHP network

The CCPHP proven pre-implementation and conversion process provides step-by-step, expert assistance to leading physicians as they convert their practices to a concierge (Membership) model.


Practice Conversion includes

  • In-depth practice analysis and detailed business planning, including customized program and pricing development

  • Establishment of a joint-venture Membership corporation, including all legal contracts

  • Creation of all documentation, Membership Agreements, and regulatory support

  • Comprehensive patient and provider messaging, communications, website, social media, and search marketing strategy, as well as turnkey communications development

  • Comprehensive staff training

  • An advanced telemedicine platform


Practice Development includes

  • Ongoing training of office staff regarding policies and procedures for best practices in a retainer-based environment

  • Comprehensive Member-support services, including billing

  • Incorporation of SENS Solution® Wellness Program support for members

  • Robust ongoing marketing and Membership promotional support

  • Facilitating growth with additional providers as desired

  • Negotiation of affinity arrangements, including discounts for wellness and related services

  • Retirement and wealth transfer planning of Membership LLC organization