What Is Continuity of Care?

What Is Continuity of Care?

Continuity of care refers to a patient receiving ongoing and comprehensive care throughout their medical journey. This idea emphasizes the consistency of doctors and healthcare systems working together to support patients despite the intricacies of the healthcare system. 

This level of care encapsulates everything from a patient's first consultation to aftercare. The importance of continuous and collaborative care, especially for those with chronic medical conditions, can not be overstated.

How are doctors ensuring continuity of care for their patients, and how will healthcare systems implement this going forward? 

How Can Healthcare Providers Achieve Comprehensive Care?

When doctors commit to continuity of care, they work closely with the patient to address their needs and coordinate with different healthcare facilities to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Working with doctors who practice concierge care is a way to ensure a personalized approach to healthcare. Patients who opt for a one-on-one approach can connect to doctors with the time and energy to put their care first. Patients with Castle Connolly Private Health Partner memberships can take advantage of the following:

  • Same/next-day appointments
  • Extended visits
  • Direct 24/7 contact with their concierge physician
  • Telemedicine connections

When physicians are supported and not bogged down with administrative work, they can focus more on their practice and the people they treat. Becoming a concierge partner lets doctors work more closely with their patients.

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Doctors who provide one-on-one attention are essential in providing continuous care. Attention to connectivity and collaboration are vital in ensuring patients' needs are met, and they feel supported throughout their healthcare journey.

What Obstacles Stand in the Way of Continuity of Care?

Navigating the healthcare system is difficult for someone to do on their own. Even with extensive research and capable doctors, many factors can create confusion and make receiving the proper care challenging.

Often, a single patient might see multiple specialists and healthcare providers. Without communication in place, the risk of providing conflicting advice arises. What does a patient do when physicians offer opposing routines, medication, and advice? 

A lack of counseling or support for patients can keep them away from their appointments. A good relationship with their doctor can help alleviate missing appointments if a patient tends to be forgetful.

Get the Personalized Care You Need.

Ensuring consistent treatments and follow-ups from doctors is fundamental to the continuity of care. Castle Connolly Private Health Partners working to achieve continuity of care can provide patients with better outcomes and leave them more comfortable taking advice and following doctors' orders. 

We’re here to help you find convenient and personalized care. Contact us for the help you need to put you in total control of your healthcare. Email us at info@ccphp.net or (212) 367-1950.

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