The DocPreneur Business Podcast: Interview With Dean P. McElwain


Our special guest and friend today is Dr. Dean P. McElwain, the President and COO of CCPHP). Dean and Michael sit down for a candid interview about the challenges physicians today face in their careers, what options they can take and explore various considerations they should consider when exploring Concierge Medicine and the delivery of private, direct healthcare business models today.

The Castle Connolly Private Health Partners (CCPHP) program utilizes an evidence-based approach and tested best practices. Physicians who join CCPHP can expect an extraordinary level of quality and service. The company was founded by two respected leaders in healthcare, John K. Castle, MBA, and John J. Connolly, Ed.D. Dr. Connolly was the President of New York Medical College for more than ten years.

Dr. Dean P. McElwain is a seasoned project manager and healthcare executive that brings nearly 25 years of real-world experience to his role as president and COO of CCPHP. Dr. McElwain is a national practice conversion expert and has successfully managed a wide variety of complex healthcare projects, including more than 40 practice conversions to concierge medicine.

Republished from The DocPreneur Business Podcast.


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