Boca Raton internist, Dr. Brian C. Moraes, and internal medicine physician assistant, Deanna Weilbacher, collaborate with Castle Connolly Private Health Partners


Boca Raton internist, Dr. Brian C. Moraes, and internal medicine physician assistant, Deanna Weilbacher, collaborate with Castle Connolly Private Health Partners to create a new concierge medical program, offering patients a more personalized approach to their care

Castle Connolly Private Health Partners, LLC (“CCPHP”), a leading membership-based (or “concierge”) medical practice conversion and support company, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Brian C. Moraes, DO, FASPC, and Deanna Weilbacher PA-C, to establish HMS CCPHP, a concierge medicine program in conjunction with their existing internal medicine practice Boca Raton, FL.

Reestablishing a strong doctor-patient relationship

During Dr. Moraes and Deanna’s tenure as internal medicine practitioners in Boca Raton, Florida, they have built enduring relationships with their patient base, many of whom have been loyal to them for many years. As their practice continued to grow, so did the administrative demands of operating and maintaining a private practice. They found themselves at a crossroads: either continue to practice high-volume medicine, seeing many patients a day, but spending a limited amount of time with each of them or let their practice evolve to deliver highly personalized, preventative care and a chance to empower their patients with greater education and information.

The HMS CCPHP Membership

The concierge (membership-based) model continues to be a rewarding experience for providers and patients alike. The increased time and flexibility allow concierge providers, like Dr. Moraes and Deanna, to schedule patients for an hour appointment, if desired.

“I want to know my patients on a personal level, and having the extra time to do so allows me to provide them with better care,” says Deanna Weilbacher.

Concierge patients of HMS CCPHP receive a host of added amenities as Members, including 24/7 connectivity to both Dr. Moraes and Deanna via a direct phone number and a customized telehealth app, same/next day appointments with limited to no wait times regardless of medical necessity, and the SENS Solution® Wellness Program powered by CCPHP.

“The most valuable thing I can give to my patients is my time,” says Dr. Moraes. ” This program enables me to spend significantly more time with them that I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

“CCPHP is pleased to add both Dr. Brian Moraes and Deanna Weilbacher to our roster of outstanding concierge physicians,” says CCPHP CEO and President Dean McElwain. “Their practice philosophy aligns with CCPHP’s mission to providing an exceptional healthcare experience for all Members.”

About Dr. Brian C. Moraes

Dr. Moraes’ underlying guiding principle has always been that less medication equals better quality of life. Today, his practice has patients who travel from all over the country just for their medical care. Dr. Moraes was one of the first DOs in the country to be named a Fellow of The American College of Preventive Cardiology. He had a hand in the creation of Excel Medical Clinical Trials, one of the preeminent clinical trial sites in South Florida.

About Deanna Weilbacher

Deanna went to PA school at South University in Tampa, Florida, and has experience at a primary care office in Clearwater, FL. She later worked at a primary care clinic in Delray Beach, largely focusing on mental health and substance abuse. Deanna began working with Dr. Moraes soon after. Together they have put together protocols that combine traditional medicine, integrative medicine, nutrition, physical fitness, and a strong focus on quality of life.

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