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Meditation and Private Tour of the Guggenheim Museum

You don’t need to leave New York City, or be in an entirely private space, to find peace and tranquility. A meditation practice can help each of us find serenity, even in the midst of chaos. This is what CCPHP Members learned at our February Member event at the...

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“Approachable” Wellness: Even the Little Things Help

In today’s 24/7 world, where work follows us home—or even on vacation—and stress is a daily fact of life, it is no wonder that there is a renewed emphasis on carving out time for activities or habits that promote wellness in our lives. And that’s easier, and less...

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Your Mother Was Right: Everything in Moderation

Every day, there’s another article in your Facebook feed about how one person lived to 105 by having a shot of whiskey every day. Does this mean you should rush down to your liquor store and buy a magnum of whiskey? No. Dietary recommendations have tended to cycle...

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Creating Your Own Meditation Space

It’s no secret that the myriad of stresses of modern society can take their toll on our mental and physical health, which is why it is so important to take time to recharge. Developing a meditation practice is one way to balance the mind and help heal the body. If you...

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Defy the Odds!

Since 2012, there has been an upward trend of physicians selling their private practices in order to take positions with hospitals. 2016 marked “the first year in which physician practice ownership [was] no longer the majority arrangement.”[1] In the next 10 years, it...

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Generosity, Compassion and Your Health

The holiday season is upon us, which, for many, can mean an increase in stress, stress-related illnesses, and depression. We’ve discussed ways in which to alleviate these negative effects – getting enough sleep, exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. But did you...

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High Touch Means Better Health

A new study shows that seniors who participate in the Medicare Advantage program may experience better health resulting from the greater frequency with which they are able to see their primary health physicians—also known as a “high-touch” patient-doctor...

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Navigating the Wellness World

In today’s sprawling wellness marketplace, there is a lot of talk about being “the best”– the best gym, the best yoga studio, the best meditation center, the best personal trainer, the best meal prep delivery service. Given the wealth of choices, shopping around for...

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Fear of Flying Colds

We are coming up on the day before Thanksgiving – one of the two busiest travel days of the year. And yes, for many of us, that means flying to our destinations. Flying can often be an unpleasant experience, what with long security lines, delayed flights, cramped...

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Volunteering: It’s Good for Your Health

Did you know there are health benefits from helping others? According to the Mayo Clinic, researchers found that people who volunteer their free time experience a “volunteer high.”[1] The act of volunteering can lead to lower rates of depression by “increas[ing]...

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Primary Care Physicians looking for a Life-Preserver!

Life as a primary care physician (PCP) isn’t easy these days. The traditional primary care practice is becoming harder and harder to keep pace with, as administrative and regulatory demands comprise up to 40% of a typical doctor’s work day.1 Doctors routinely spend...

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