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Navigating the Wellness World

In today’s sprawling wellness marketplace, there is a lot of talk about being “the best”– the best gym, the best yoga studio, the best meditation center, the best personal trainer, the best meal prep delivery service. Given the wealth of choices, shopping around for...

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Fear of Flying Colds

We are coming up on the day before Thanksgiving – one of the two busiest travel days of the year. And yes, for many of us, that means flying to our destinations. Flying can often be an unpleasant experience, what with long security lines, delayed flights, cramped...

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Volunteering: It’s Good for Your Health

Did you know there are health benefits from helping others? According to the Mayo Clinic, researchers found that people who volunteer their free time experience a “volunteer high.”[1] The act of volunteering can lead to lower rates of depression by “increas[ing]...

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Primary Care Physicians looking for a Life-Preserver!

Life as a primary care physician (PCP) isn’t easy these days. The traditional primary care practice is becoming harder and harder to keep pace with, as administrative and regulatory demands comprise up to 40% of a typical doctor’s work day.1 Doctors routinely spend...

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Every Body in the Pool!

How All Bodies Can Benefit From Water Activity Lowering blood pressure, increasing work capacity, improving mobility and balance - exercise has gained the reputation as a cure-all when it comes to improving overall health and wellness. Unfortunately, for those with...

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CCPHP Staff Reading Picks

It's not too late to get started on your summer reading, and CCPHP is here to help! To get you going, CCPHP staff have provided a list of their favorite reads. From motivation to movement, the books on this list contain lots of food for thought to fuel you along on...

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Navigating the Sunscreen Aisle

No matter the season, it’s important to take care of your skin when you’re outdoors. By now, we need not remind you about the importance of sunscreen in preventing sunburns, skin damage, and worst of all, skin cancer. But given the sheer number of products in the...

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Tick Safety

By Dr. Steven Schneider Now that the weather is improving, you are probably spending more time outside, which can put you at risk for tick-borne illnesses. This article provides some easy-to-follow tips to minimize your risk of getting infected. Although Lyme disease...

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Socialization and Stress

Humans are social creatures. We rely on socialization to physically decrease our levels of stress and to feel engaged within a community. “Adequate amounts of social support are associated with increases in levels of a hormone called oxytocin, which functions to...

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SENS Solution® Pillars for Better Sleep

Have you ever lay in bed, staring at the ceiling at 2 o’clock in the morning frustrated that you can’t get some shut eye? Well, you aren’t alone. In fact, 50-70 million U.S. adults have sleep or wakefulness disorders, or poor sleep hygiene.[i] Sleep is necessary for a...

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Sleep Is the New Black

For years, busy Type A personalities scoffed that they’d “sleep when they’re dead,” college students would pump themselves full of caffeine and pull “all-nighters” to cram for exams, and executives would boast about how they only needed four hours of sleep a night to...

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