Introducing CCPHP's SENS Solution Health Coaching Program


Newton Wellesley Primary Care CCPHP, LLC introduces innovative SENS Solution Health Coaching program for concierge members

Newton Wellesley Primary Care | Castle Connolly Private Health Partners, LLC (NWPC CCPHP), a membership-based (concierge) primary care practice in the greater Boston area, is proud to introduce an innovative approach to improving its Members' overall wellbeing.

Beginning in April 2017, Members of NWPC CCPHP will get ongoing access to a SENS Health Coach, who will provide them with customized support and education, helping them identify and resolve potential barriers to a healthier lifestyle. The SENS Health Coach collaborates with the NWPC CCPHP physicians, creating an integrated and robust team to help Members achieve their wellness goals, one step at a time.

The SENS Solution Health Coaching program is CCPHP's integrative approach to enhancing Members' wellbeing, focused on four main pillars: Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise and Stress management. Research shows that when individuals work on improving these four lifestyle components, they can increase the quality of their overall wellbeing.

SLEEP: A SENS Health Coach can help Members devise an environment more conducive to a restorative sleep, "re-set" their daily clock, or better manage their unique challenges in order to help get a peaceful night's sleep.

EXERCISE: A SENS Health Coach can help empower Members to find simple ways to move more and sit less.

NUTRITION: A SENS Health Coach can help Members develop healthy meal-planning strategies, understand simple portion control techniques, or identify their behavioral triggers that lead to overeating.

STRESS MANAGEMENT: A SENS Health Coach can provide Members with personal guidance and support to facilitate the adoption of stress management strategies or coping activities, like Abdominal Breathing, that can help them manage daily stressors.

Wellness is a journey. Let a NWPC CCPHP Physician and a SENS Health Coach be your guides.

To learn more about the SENS Solution and how you can get started on a collaborative journey to wellness, visit or call (855) 833-1440. Any press inquiries should be directed to Emily Golloub in CCPHP Media Relations at 212.367.1950, x1151 or

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