Castle Connolly Private Health Partners: Delivering Elevated Consumer Experience in Healthcare

Alfredo Fernandez-Concha, Chief Growth Officer

Robust physician-patient relationships foster trust, open communication, and empathy, enhancing the well-being of patients and the professional satisfaction of physicians. This deep connection is not usually found in traditional healthcare practices, where physicians frequently contend with tight schedules that leave minimal time for attending to each patient, contributing to physician burnout and patient dissatisfaction.

Castle Connolly Private Health Partners (CCPHP) streamlines connectivity between patient and doctor by moving away from the conventional approach to healthcare with its novel concierge medicine, a membership-based model, designed to strengthen and safeguard the physician-patient relationship. CCPHP partners with physicians through a joint venture, offering a suite of services to enable them to transition from the traditional medicine model to the concierge one.

By maintaining a manageable patient load, the model allows physicians to deliver comprehensive and unrushed consultations, fostering a healthy work-life balance. It acts as a growth catalyst for doctors dedicated to exceptional patient care. Patients also enjoy advantages like same-day appointments, minimal wait times, and consistent connectivity with their doctors.

“We aim to enhance patient-physician relationships to make their connectivity seamless and provide a top-notch consumer experience in healthcare,” says Alfredo Fernandez-Concha, Chief Growth Officer.

The company’s distinct CCPHP program adopts an evidence-based approach and tested best practices to create enhanced healthcare experiences. The program empowers its member-patients to navigate a network of the nation's most distinguished specialists within the Castle Connolly Top Doctor Network. It comprises approximately 65,000 physicians, peer-nominated and thoroughly vetted by CCPHP’s physician-led research team.

CCPHP employs a team of member advisors to act as a bridge between patients and physicians. As the healthcare system becomes increasingly complex, obtaining appointments with primary care doctors or medical specialists becomes more
challenging for patients. CCPHP’s advisors assist patients in understanding the benefits of the concierge practice, facilitating their enrollment as members. Once enrolled, they help member patients navigate the CCPHP Network while offering them connectivity to top healthcare providers within the network.

For partner physicians, the team of advisors effectively handles complex insurance processes, bureaucratic obstacles and time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing
them to prioritize what matters most—their patients. The transition from the traditional to the concierge model involves intensive communication and compliance considerations, which the company’s advisors deftly handle on behalf of doctors. They also manage member physicians’ marketing communications and patient outreach, helping expand their practice by being in touch with current patients and acquiring new ones.

Another of CCPHP’s value offerings is the SENS Solution® Wellness Program. This initiative aims to elevate the well-being of its members, centering on four essential wellness pillars— sleep, exercise, nutrition and stress management.

The program is anchored on CCPHP’s full-time health coaches who collaborate closely with physicians to grasp their objectives for each patient and customize programs specifically tailored to meet those goals. The SENS solution offers exclusive member amenities, including wellness webinars, personalized health coaching, discounts on preferred health and wellness products and services and cognitive behavioral training courses.

A commitment to social responsibility further sets CCPHP apart, reflected in its ongoing five-year collaboration with The Bowery Mission, a New York-based non-profit organization. Through this endeavor, the company provides 2,500 meals and We aim to enhance patient-physician relationships to make their connectivity seamless and provide a top-notch consumer experience in healthcare offer a full day of compassionate care to 415 individuals at The Bowery Mission campus. CCPHP has also partnered with Evertreen to plant 1,000 trees. This initiative aims to absorb 250 tons of CO2 emissions and generate 125 working hours for Tanzanian farmers.

Driven to deliver a premium consumer experience in healthcare, CCPHP is rapidly evolving into a trusted ally for individuals seeking connectivity to superior care. Its innovative concierge model of healthcare has already demonstrated impactful improvements in both physician satisfaction and the health outcomes of member patients—a streak it is poised to continue in future.


Castle Connolly Private Health Partners works with exceptional physicians to create and support concierge (membership-based) healthcare programs that enable an optimal practice environment that supports and enhances the physician-patient relationship. Member-patients pay an affordable fee for a wide array of enhancements that provide a more convenient, comprehensive, collaborative, and personalized approach to maintaining their health and wellbeing. For more information, go to



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