Dr. Michael Bush's Concierge Program

I hope that you have had the opportunity to read my email from July 27, 2023, announcing changes to
my medical practice.

I am inviting you to join my concierge practice.

I have had a concierge component to my medical practice for many years. At
this time I am limiting my practice to those people who are members of the concierge practice.

My goals are simple: I wish to continue to practice for years to come and this format will permit me to
continue to provide medical care to you in a traditional, thoughtful and comprehensive matter, giving
you easier/direct access to me and initiating other enhancements.

I am working with Castle Connolly Private Health Partners to help make this a smooth transition.

About Dr. Bush


Dr. Michael Bush graduated from Clark University with a double major in Biology and Psychology. He
received his MD degree at SUNY Downstate Medical College, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

His post-graduate training was at Lenox Hill Hospital, where he did both his Internship and Residency. He
was selected to be the Chief Medical Resident and received the Upjohn Achievement Award as the Most
Outstanding Medical Resident.

He has twice been elected to represent his peers on the Lenox Hill Hospital Medical Board. He has also
been elected to the Lenox Hill Physician Hospital Organization Board of Directors, subsequently serving
as Chairman.

He has maintained an active academic presence since entering private medical practice. He has been
Assistant Chief of Medicine for Ambulatory and Consultative Medicine, Morning Report Attending,
Attending in Charge of Medical Residents Journal Club, and a Voluntary Teaching Attending Physician on
General Medical In-Patient Units and the Intensive Care Unit.

His other academic positions include having been Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU School of Medicine
and SUNY Downstate School of Medicine where he was responsible for teaching third-year Medical

In addition, Dr. Bush was selected as a Castle Connolly Top Doctor, Town and Country Best Doctor, and
New York Magazine Best Doctor.

Although the academic and professional accomplishments are an important part of his career, his main
focus and greatest area of interest is in individual patient care. He has had the
opportunity to provide medical care to generations of families.

He believes that the best medical practice comes from combining academic knowledge with extensive
experience and a thoughtful, compassionate, individual approach to patient concerns.

On the personal side, Dr. Bush has made contributions to his community by acting as head coach for
youth soccer and baseball for a combined 21 seasons…even winning some games. Out of the office, his
greatest source of joy is his family: his wife (and medical partner for many years), three children and
their spouses, and four grandchildren.


Education, Training, Awards
Academics, Appointments, Leadership

Your Care Team

Abby is a loyal medical secretary having worked in Dr. Bush's office for 24 years. You can often see her greeting patients, making appointments, filing, dealing with faxes and mostly interacting with patients. 
She has helped to navigate the office through the crises of the transit strike, Sept 11 and the covid pandemic. She is bilingual in English and Spanish. She is a mom to two daughters and a grandmother to a girl age 6 and boy aged 14.
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Justine has worked as a medical secretary in Dr. Bush's office since 2005. She is known for her calm demeanor even when there is a lot going on. She excels at multitasking. She knows all of the patients and is excellent at keeping things organized.
She is a mom to two sons and is bilingual in English and Spanish.
Jasmine began working in Dr. Bush's office as a medical assistant in 2017. She is often praised by patients for her venipuncture skills. She understands that patients are often feeling stressed when at a doctor's office or having their blood drawn and tries to put patients at ease.
She is a mom to 4 children ages 8, 13, 14, and 20. 
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Dr. Bush's Concierge Program offers the following advantages and services

Continuity of care

Effective continuity of care is of importance for long-term health. Dr. Bush will help to organize your healthcare. This includes routine recommended screenings and monitoring of important parameters with you.

Enhanced connectivity & telemedicine

You will have direct contact to Dr. Bush’s cell phone 24/7/365. Telemedicine appointments are also available to members as an option for providing medical care using a secure communication platform.

Easier scheduling & sick visits

You can either call the front desk or contact Dr. Bush directly on his cell phone to set up an urgent appointment. Every effort will be made to accommodate you for a prompt appointment.

Time & attention

Evolution to a smaller practice will ensure that Dr. Bush can continue to allocate the time and attention needed for his patients, with a goal of achieving thoughtful medical care.

Streamlined care

Dr. Bush and his staff will help you to navigate through the web of medical care, including making the effort to help you find the right specialists and assisting with timely appointments with other physicians.

Wellness Program

You will be able to participate in a wellness program that includes complimentary health coaching.

The SENS Solution® Wellness Program, included in Dr. Bush’s concierge program, inspires patients to take control of their wellness with a focus on these four pillars. 

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Your health coach will work with you on building healthy sleep habits.
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Work with your personal health coach to build a custom exercise routine and stick to it.
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The SENS program will set you up with personalized nutritional coaching and healthy recipes.
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Stress Management

One-on-one coaching and SENS content give you the tools and techniques you need to manage everyday stress.

 Questions about Membership?
Here’s some more information.


Why switch to full concierge?

Over the years, the nature of medicine has become more complex. Individual patients have matured and as a natural consequence, Dr. Bush's individual patients’ medical problems have, in general, become more intricate and time-consuming to follow and manage.

An emerging style in other medical practices is focused on limited time with the doctor, and more time with the nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. Dr. Bush has never practiced that way, and he is grateful to the loyalty of his patients, who he hopes have appreciated his efforts in providing personal, careful, and methodical medical care. 

Dr. Bush is changing to an all-concierge practice in order to maintain this style of practice in an ever-increasingly complex world of general adult medicine.

Who is Castle Connolly Private Health Partners (CCPHP)?

CCPHP works with physicians with concierge healthcare programs. Dr. Bush wants to emphasize that he is not joining a group or faculty practice etc. His practice is his and his alone. However, he's decided to work with CCPHP. They have significant experience in the field of concierge medicine and will be providing additional support.

Membership & Billing

What’s included the concierge program?

Dr. Bush's concierge program includes amenities and benefits, such as:

  • Continuity of care
  • Enhanced connectivity, as you will have direct contact to Dr. Bush's phone 24/7/365
  • Easier scheduling
  • The evolution to a smaller practice will ensure that Dr. Bush can continue to allocate the time and attention that you have come to expect
  • Dr. Bush and his staff will continue to help you to negotiate through the web of medical care, including making the effort to help you find the right specialists and assisting with timely appointments with other physicians
  • You will have the ability to participate in a wellness program that includes complimentary health coaching
What insurance is accepted?

Dr. Bush continues to accept some insurance plans. If your insurance is accepted, this typically covers traditional healthcare services, but not the membership fee, which covers the additional amenities and benefits that you receive when you join. Amenities in the membership are considered “non-covered” by most insurers and they do not provide reimbursement for the fee.

Will my insurance, health plan, or FSA/HSA cover the Membership Fee?

The membership fees are not covered by your health insurance plan and are your individual responsibility. At your discretion, you can submit the fee to any flexible spending account, health reimbursement account, or medical savings account in which you participate, but the membership program makes no representation that any part of the membership fee will qualify to be reimbursed from any such account. It is your responsibility to receive approval from your benefits administrator as to the amount that may be reimbursable.

How do I pay for my Membership?

You may pay the membership fee in one annual payment, two (semi-annual) payments, quarterly, or monthly. Payments can be made by automatic debit from your bank account or credit card. You will select your method and timing of payment. Certain processing fees may apply.

What happens when Dr. Bush is on vacation?

Dr. Bush will almost always be personally available by phone or secure messaging platform, to respond to your medical concerns. If he is away and not able to see you for an appointment, you will be able to get in touch with his staff and they will help you to set up an appointment with a covering doctor.

How do telemedicine visits work?

You will be provided with a secure mobile application. This HIPAA compliant platform can be used from your phone, computer, or other devices to directly get in touch with me and to attend Telehealth visits.

What is Castle Connolly Top Doctor® Navigation?

Through Dr. Bush's partnership with CCPHP,  you will have the ability to consult with and connect to over 60,000 Castle Connolly Top Doctors® in the U.S. and internationally, as appropriate. This network extends, but does not replace, his existing referral network, which he will still utilize as appropriate.

What is concierge medicine?
Concierge medicine focuses on enhancing the physician-patient relationship. Members of the concierge program pay an affordable fee to take advantage of a wide array of guaranteed enhancements to facilitate a more unhurried, connected, and personalized approach to healthcare. Concierge physicians typically have smaller patient panels, which means they can spend more time seeing patients.

SENS Solution® Wellness Program

What is the SENS Solution® Wellness Program?

Members of Dr. Bush's concierge program will be able to participate in The SENS Solution® Wellness Program, which focuses on four wellness pillars: sleep, exercise, nutrition and stress management. The SENS Solution Wellness Program offers wellness webinars, one-on-one health coaching, discounts on health and wellness products & services, and more, at no additional cost.

How does health coaching work?

CCPHP health coaches work with you one-on-one over the phone to help you implement lifestyle changes into your daily life.

  • Set up your first session with a SENS health coach
  • Take an online health assessment, which is used as “baseline” starting point for your health coaching journey
  • Speak with your health coach at your convenience via remote phone sessions to identify potential barriers to a healthier lifestyle and create a plan for achieving your wellness goals
  • Track your progress

Additional Program Details

You can review details about concierge patient amenities in the Concierge Patient Handbook, and you can learn more about the terms of the program in the Concierge Patient Agreement.


Interested in the concierge program? Schedule a call to learn more.