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Using the InConnect mobile application to connect to your concierge physician.

As a member of CCPHP, you can connect to your concierge doctor via an easy to use and versatile mobile application that provides 24/7 communication capabilities in a HIPAA compliant evironment

Through the InConnect App, you can:

  • Communicate directly with your doctor using chat (text) functionality
  • Send pictures & files if required
  • Be invited to a telemedicine (video) consult with your doctor
  • Request telemedicine (video) consultations with your doctor

How to Get Started:

  1. Install the InConnect App
  2. Sign Up
    • To create an account, you will need to enter your Mobile Phone number and Date of Birth, then choose a password
    • Verify your phone number with the code that will be sent to you via SMS text.
    • Enter your Name and Gender
    • Enter the Organization Code: th14
    • Connect

Note: Please contact support at for all account creation and support questions.

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