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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Rodríguez is a highly efficient physician. I have very strong confidence in his decisions about my health. In addition his staff is very prompt in responding to calls and providing very accurate responses.

-- Juan G.

Dr. Rodriguez is one of the most compassionate, caring, intelligent and knowledgeable professionals one could ever even imagine. In addition, the Concierge practice is a genuine bonus and absolute benefit and convenience. Having access to. Dr. Rodriguez round the clock is so advantageous and simply unimaginable! He is quick to respond no matter what the day or time is and always expedites what needs to be done. He always provides immediate results for his patients and no question goes unanswered! Nothing is too trivial to Dr. Rodriguez. He demonstrates genuine concern no matter what he is presented with. Also, being able to have an appointment, as needed anytime, is so comforting. In addition, he allows unlimited time on the appointments and phone calls, never rushes his patients and leaves absolutely no issue unsolved. Dr. Rodriguez is not only the ULTIMATE physician but a wonderful and down to earth professional and human being!!

-- Rose D.

Dr Rodriquez is a kind and caring physician. He is thorough and methodical with my care. My appointments are timely and not rushed. I appreciate that Dr Rodriquez personally phones me with my test results answering directly any questions or concerns. The Doctor is easily reached by text and phone. (In addition, Dr R’s nurse, Jody, is extremely efficient with any necessary follow up.)

-- Renee H.

Of the numerous Doctors and offices that I have, this Doctor and the whole office staff is far and away the best on so many levels

-- Frank C.

I have been patient of Dr. Rodriguez for many years and he is always the same. Very attentive, very concerned, very knowledgeable and so decent. I have utmost faith in his recommendations and consider him a friend as well.

-- Russell J.

Wonderful; no one better.

-- Lionel H.

The CC arrangement is working very well. I get prompt and complete answers to my questions. I award an A+1

-- Nicholas Hagoort J.

It was wonderful to hear from the doctor so quickly…he is so caring.

-- Anita E.

I am very happy with Dr. Rodriguez.  He is very good in all the medical services I had received.

Thank you Dr. Rodriguez!

-- Carmen M. C.

I have had issues concerning my diabetes for the last six weeks. I have either been in the office, or corresponding by phone or email every week. Dr.Rodriguez is always quick to respond and we are slowly getting my diabetes under control by changing my meds and new glucose testing techniques.

-- Margaret A. H.

You did wonderful!

-- Tina K.

Doctor Rodriguez is great!! Thank you for everything!

-- Geno R.

The concierge program has been a great service and well worth the investment.

-- Paul O.

Excellent care.

-- Karl S.

Responsive– Caring–Dedicated–Knowledgeable–wonderful staff.

-- Arthur L.

Always the best. You’ve never failed me.

-- Charles C.

The doctor and his staff are fantastic. Caring and patient. Always follows up. Recommend him to everyone.

-- Richard S.

The doctor is caring and attentive. The office staff is caring and patient. I would recommend to everyone.

-- Sonya Z.

My medical experience as a patient of Dr. Rolando F. Rodriguez has been excellent. He has the medical expertise and knowledge to manage complicated medical issues in endocrinology, e.g. Diabetes (T2D) on insulin and hypothyroidism, etc. I am on the Abbott 14 Day sensor System. He and his office are friendly and available, especially with his Concierge Service. It is worth it!

-- Joseph H. Richman, M.D., M.P.H.

Excellent! I love Dr Rodriguez. He is very thoughtful.

-- Joan W.

I have no complaints, Dr. Rodriguez was very attentive to know all about medical concerns and we are both satisfied with the care that he provides, the office staff is very pleasant. Thank you for your service that you provide.

-- Ben G.

Great! Dr. Rodriguez takes time with his exam and explains things very clearly. My calls are immediately returned by Dr. Rodriguez.

-- Stephen P.

The doctor is great, quick response well done.

-- Arnold L.

Dr. Rodriguez is professional, forthright, respectful, passionate about his work, and thorough. He exhibits strong analytical abilities. His impressive range of knowledge is reinforced with confidence. He challenges and inspires me to stay on my regimen. When I think about straying off diet, I look at his picture and stay the course that he has set for me, not wanting to disappoint him. He cares. He cures.

-- Richard L.

It is good to know that whenever I have an issue with my diabetes, there is quick help from my physician.

-- Luz A.

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CCPHP was developed by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. (CCML) with a goal to connect patients with top physicians and facilitate the optimal healthcare experience. You may recognize the name Castle Connolly if you are familiar with the “Top Doctors” publications, which have been identifying the nation's best doctors and hospitals in every part of the country and in every medical specialty since 1991. Together, Dr. Rodriguez and CCPHP have created a membership model that helps improve the healthcare experience by offering a wide array of membership benefits and connecting members to a network of the nation’s premier specialists.

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Phone : (561) 495-1606
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* Rodriguez CCPHP, LLC, the membership organization referred to in this brochure, is sometimes also referred to as “Rolando F. Rodriguez, MD, Castle Connolly Private Health Partners” as shown on the logo above or as “Rodriguez CCPHP.” Rodriguez CCPHP, LLC, is acting on behalf of and at the direction of Rolando F. Rodriguez, MD, and his medical practice, pursuant to a Business Associate Agreement (as defined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, as amended (“HIPAA”)), to assist Dr. Rodriguez to inform you about, and/or respond to questions relating to exciting changes in the practice.

** In cases where Dr. Rodriguez is unable to communicate due to vacation, sickness, or other reason, communication with another practitioner or covering physician will be arranged.