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NEW YORKMarch 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Castle Connolly Private Health Partners, LLC (“CCPHP”), a leading membership-based (or “concierge”) medical practice conversion and support company, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Sandra Gilban, MD, to establish Gilban CCPHP, a concierge medicine program in conjunction with her existing internal medicine practice.

Reestablishing a strong patient-physician relationship

During Dr. Gilban’s 20-year tenure as a family physician in Manhattan, she has built enduring relationships with her patient base, many of whom have been loyal to her for more than a decade. As her practice, located on Park Avenue, continued to grow so did the administrative demands of operating and maintaining a private practice.

With the sudden emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing administrative burdens, Dr. Gilban, like many other private internal medicine physicians, found herself at a crossroads: either continue to practice high-volume medicine, seeing many patients a day, but spending a limited amount of time with each of them or let her practice evolve to deliver highly personalized, preventative care and a chance to empower her patients with greater education and information.

The Gilban CCPHP Membership

The concierge (membership-based) model continues to be a rewarding experience for physicians and patients alike. The increased time and flexibility allow concierge physicians, like Dr. Gilban, to schedule patients for an hour appointment, if desired, rather than the industry average office visit time of 11 minutes.

In addition to receiving extended appointment times, concierge patients of Gilban CCPHP receive a host of added amenities as Members, including 24/7 connectivity to Dr. Gilban via a direct phone number and a customized telehealth app, same-day appointments with limited to no wait times regardless of medical necessity, and a robust wellness program called the SENS Solution® Wellness Program powered by CCPHP.

Cultivating patient wellness and practicing preventative care are intrinsic to the approach of the concierge model. The increased conversations and time with patients that are part of this high-touch model of care creates an environment in which Dr. Gilban can deep dive with her Members into their medical histories.

“I deeply value my relationship with each of my patients. Taking the time to understand their individual health needs and lifestyle empowers me to act as their best wellbeing advocate,” explains Dr. Gilban. “Partnering with CCPHP was a natural fit. I am able to practice the way that I want, and my patients get the care and time they deserve.”

The CCPHP Partnership

Castle Connolly Private Health Partners collaborates with top physicians nationwide to establish concierge medicine programs that deliver an unrivaled healthcare experience, while also empowering the patient members to achieve their optimal wellbeing.

When patients become Members of Gilban CCPHP, they are invited to participate in the SENS Solution® Wellness Program, a CCPHP program crafted to improve Members’ overall wellbeing by focusing on the four pillars of health: sleep, exercise, nutrition, and stress management. The program offers a wide variety of Member benefits, the most popular being its complimentary personal health coaching program.

The CCPHP health coaches work in tandem with Dr. Gilban to help Members reach their individual health goals. In a survey of CCPHP health coaching participants, 75 percent of Members with exercise-oriented goals reported behavioral changes after 2 or more health coaching sessions and 77 percent Members with nutrition-oriented goals reported behavioral changes after 2 or more coaching sessions.

Through her partnership with CCPHP, Dr. Gilban also has access to Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor® Network of nearly 60,000 top recognized physicians nationwide. Being a recognized Top Doctor® herself since 2016 and selected as a Castle Connolly Exceptional Women in Medicine in 2020, Dr. Gilban can consult with and refer her patients to top physicians of similar distinction.

About Dr. Gilban

Dr. Sandra Gilban completed her medical training and graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1984 and continued her residency at Lutheran Medical Center in New York. She then completed a fellowship at the Sidney Hillman Institute in New York.

Dr. Gilban is board certified in family medicine and is a diplomate of the American Academy of Family Practice. She holds a certification in Advanced Colposcopy, has conducted six medical research projects, has written three articles, and is recognized in accredited medical journals. Her fluency in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French has earned her a diverse patient population.

“Dr. Gilban’s commitment to her patients closely aligns with CCPHP’s mission of providing unhurried and exceptional care for its Members,” said Dean McElwain, President and CEO of CCPHP. “CCPHP is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Gilban to our roster of leading concierge physicians.”

Learn more about Dr. Gilban’s concierge program: