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Water is an essential of the human diet, given that up to 60% of our bodies are comprised of the fluid.[1] Water keeps our bodies running, from helping the brain manufacture hormones to regulating body temperature to waste elimination.[2] Humans quite literally need water to survive.

And yet, many people don’t drink enough water every day. That lack of hydration manifests itself in curious ways. How often have you felt a grumble in your stomach and reached for a bag of chips or other high-calorie snack, even though you had a meal not long before? Often, what we consider hunger pangs may be the body’s demand for water.

In order to avoid consuming extra calories, try having a glass of water instead. If you don’t like drinking plain water, try a flavored sparkling water or herbal tea, but hold off on the sweeteners to avoid those additional calories. Another popular option is fruit-infused water, which is simple to make and enjoy. There are a variety of water bottles available for making fruit (or vegetable) infused water, if you’d like to drink your water on the go.

If you sit at work all day, keep a water bottle on your desk or nearby, to remind you to stay hydrated. If the bottle is small, this will encourage you to get up and walk to the office kitchen or water cooler to refill it. Otherwise, a 32-ounce bottle will ensure that you get the minimum recommended amount while you’re at work.

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