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A new study shows that seniors who participate in the Medicare Advantage program may experience better health resulting from the greater frequency with which they are able to see their primary health physicians—also known as a “high-touch” patient-doctor relationship.[1]

“Our findings show that, for seniors with Medicare Advantage insurance, receiving care in a high-touch medical practice where seniors have more time with their doctors dramatically improves health outcomes and reduces costs,” says lead investigator Reyan Ghany, MD, FACC, FASE, RPVI, ChenMed National Director of Cardiovascular Diseases.

“High touch” healthcare is not limited to seniors. It is a vital facet of every concierge membership. Patients who see their doctors more frequently are more likely to follow their physician’s medical advice, including taking prescription medications and other health improvement suggestions. High-touch patients, including seniors, are “41% more adherent to medications long shown to enhance health outcomes for the nation’s leading cause of death, heart disease.”[2]

One of the myriad of benefits of concierge healthcare is the ability to see your doctor frequently, with more time to spend during each appointment. This means you can voice your concerns without feeling rushed to address only the more pressing matters. Your doctor can take the time to listen to you in order to establish a more thorough patient profile, which can result in a more effective course of action to address current issues, as well as stave off potential ailments. “[F]requent patient/physician appointments, including walk-ins, give doctors in high-touch clinical settings more opportunities to overcome clinical inertia, and to earn trust vital to facilitating health-improving behaviors among patients.”[3]

Whether or not you’re a senior, your high-touch relationship with your physician provides you with the tools to improve your health right at your fingertips.

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