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In today’s healthcare environment, physicians spend almost half of each day dealing with the paperwork that dominates modern medical practice. A 2016 study showed that, due in large part to increased patient panels, physicians now spend 49% of their time on administrative matters, while spending only 27% on actual patient consultation.1 This work imbalance can lead to professional burnout.

One way physicians can regain their balance is by transitioning to a membership-model practice. Concierge (membership) models reduce patient panel size and provide a more sustainable business model for physicians, which reduces administrative demands. With smaller patient panels, physicians worry less about managing paperwork, reclaim a sense of autonomy over their clinical work, and spend more of their valuable time providing personalized care and advice for their patients.2

Having the freedom to spend more than 15 minutes in the examination room isn’t only beneficial for physicians. Longer visits create the opportunity to actually get to know your patients and vice versa, which fosters more than just comprehensive diagnoses. It generates an atmosphere of trust, collaboration and better communication between physician and patient, which can encourage patient wellness and physician satisfaction.

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