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We all know the routine by now. New Year’s resolutions come and go and by early Spring you are back to your old routine. That gym membership is languishing in the corner and old eating habits are in full swing.

Castle Connolly Private Health Partners held an event for our Members to discuss how nutrition can be easily and effectively managed all year round. Heidi Skolnik, MS, CDN, FACSM, the owner of Nutrition Conditioning, LLC, was our speaker. “My intent was to simplify all of the confusing messaging out there related to nutrition and diet. It may never be quite “easy” but it certainly does not need to be so conflictual,” said Heidi. The Member event E is for Energy, Eating, and Exercise allowed participants to leave with hopeful messages about how they can eat a nutrient-rich diet by creating some very achievable patterns.”

Heidi believes that while eating healthfully may be “work” for some folks, it is an achievable goal. She provided tips about timing when you eat, how best to distribute your calories throughout the day, and the importance of breakfast! She explained the concept of nutrition density and how vital portion ;control is for successful weight loss plans. She also provided valuable insight into what and when to eat if and when you’re more physically active.

Castle Connolly’s National Director of Wellness Services, Neal Pire, who attended the seminar, supported Heidi’s guidance that weight loss plans shouldn’t just focus on limiting caloric intake. “You can restrict your calories and still optimize your nutrient intake.” As Heidi reiterated, “You don’t have to eat perfectly to eat healthfully!”