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It’s no secret that the myriad of stresses of modern society can take their toll on our mental and physical health, which is why it is so important to take time to recharge. Developing a meditation practice is one way to balance the mind and help heal the body.

If you don’t have a meditation center nearby or cannot attend meditation classes, it is easy enough to create a haven in your own home. You don’t need an entire room—just a corner can suffice, so long as it is quiet, with no distractions, like a television or computer, nearby.[1]

Questions you should ask when setting up your space:

  1. Does this area/room make me feel relaxed?
  2. Is there too much external noise and foot traffic that would impinge on my practice?
  3. Can I declutter the room/area in order to create a more peaceful space?

Once you’ve chosen your meditation space, you can decorate it however you like, provided you have the necessities for practice: a meditation cushion or chair, a throw rug, and a small table on which you can place a plant, candles or whatever makes you feel more peaceful. It is recommended that you keep your meditation seat “in plain sight,” as a means of reminding you to practice.[2] If you opt for a cushion, it should be comfortable enough for you to sit on for periods of time. You can add meditation props to ensure your posture isn’t creating additional tension in your body.

Additionally, you should try to avoid bright colors when choosing decorations for the space. Look for soothing, serene colors to help you relax. “Once you start associating your meditation space with calm and joy, you will be more likely to sit in practice.”[3] Indeed, “much like an encounter with the refrigerator conjures thoughts of food, and a glance at the couch invites a comfortable sprawl, catching sight of your meditation seat in a sanctified space will evoke your deepest yearnings and inspire you to do your practice.”[4]

If you are interested in listening to a guided meditation in your private space, our Affinity Partner, Journey Meditation, has launched the world’s first live group meditation app. It’s currently only available to exclusive customers for private testing, but, as a Member of a CCPHP-affiliated practice, you get a month of meditation for FREE! You can access the app HERE using the code: ccphp.

Now breathe deeply and evenly. Namaste!

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