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Meditation has gone mainstream in the Western world as a proven method of stress management.[1] Every day, there seems to be another study published extolling the health benefits provided by mindful meditation. According to research, meditation, like exercise, can show immediate benefits, even if practiced briefly during the day. Schools are incorporating meditation into their fitness programs to help children with behavioral issues.[2]

Tapping into that body-mind connection, mindful meditation and prayer help you to relax and focus. Clearing the mind of negative thoughts and feelings can allow you to develop self-compassion—as well as compassion for others—and forgiveness. Toxic emotions that have built up in our bodies, causing us physical stress, can be released through the practice of mindfulness.

Mindful meditation is just one type of meditation technique. Different types of meditation techniques can calm your mind and reduce your stress.[3] Concentration meditation, for example, involves focusing your attention on one thing, such as your breathing or something real you look at – for example, a candle flame. Guided visualization focuses your attention on positivity and is more goal-oriented.[4] Even yoga is a form of movement meditation, as you focus your concentration on your breathing and poses during the practice.[5]

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