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Have you scheduled your yearly visit with your primary care doctor? Even prior to the pandemic, patients would often delay scheduling a visit with their primary care physician until an urgent need arose.

During the pandemic, many patients were understandably hesitant to schedule their annual exam. However, research shows that delaying routine care can lead to possible health complications down the road, especially for those with chronic conditions.

Many physicians, like our CCPHP concierge doctors, are taking precautions to mitigate the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and are encouraging that their patients schedule an annual wellness exam.

Consider our top 5 reasons to schedule your primary care visit this year.

  1. Preventive Screening
    Preventative screenings are extremely important in detecting diseases early before any symptoms have arisen. Early detection of medical problems will help your doctor provide proactive care and treatment. At the same time, your primary care visit is a good time to do a check- up of all areas of your physical and mental health. Some practices, like our CCPHP concierge doctors, include additional wellness resources and access to health coaching, that complement primary care and help to increase positive health outcomes. Together, your health coach and physician ensure you receive ongoing support to meet your wellness goals and resolve potential barriers to a healthier lifestyle.
  1. Holistic Health Care
    Your primary care physician is trained to detect and treat a broad array of illnesses and injuries. Before scheduling a visit with several specialists, talk with your primary care physician about any and all unusual symptoms that you’re experiencing. If your primary care doctor is unable to treat you, he or she can provide a referral and will closely manage your care in conjunction with a specialist.
  1. Chronic Disease Management
    For those living with chronic disease, it is especially important to carefully manage your health. By having regular visits, you can better track any changes in your health and maintain or improve your condition.
  1. Improved patient – physician communication
    Once you start seeing the same primary care provider, the two of you develop relationships, where your doctor knows you and your family medical history. Having a physician that you trust and have open communication with can lead to better health outcomes.
  1. Telemedicine
    If you are concerned about the exposure of the COVID-19 and are hesitant about visiting a doctor’s office, you should check to see if your physician offers telemedicine appointment and is able to screen for health issues from the comfort of your home.

Are you or a loved one looking for a primary care doctor? Check out the list of CCPHP’s physicians here and find a primary care doctor that’s right for you!

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